McMaster Medicine Annual Report

This internationally renowned medical and research hothouse wants to recruit and retain the best researchers, faculty and residents.

To help the Department achieve this, the Annual Report profiles research initiatives, the unique teaching environment and patient care. It also speaks of work beyond its boundaries, and reports on world-wide connections and outreach. Included are reports from 17 divisions and publications in prominent peer-reviewed journals. It celebrates success with Awards and Accolades pages.

Annual Reports created with the team
Logo for Renowned results in research, care and learning

The design process began with branding: identifying five words that differentiate McMaster’s Department of Medicine from other leading medical departments: renowned results in research, care and learning. These became a wordmark, which neatly side-stepped the University’s ban on departmental logos.

teaching hours by faculty
Residents in Internal Medicine and subspecialties

McMaster Children's Hospital

Design and coordination of McMaster Children's Hospital 25th Anniversary Book

McMaster University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

An annual report to go with the new website.

McMaster University Department of Pediatrics

An award-winning annual report

McMaster UniversityDepartment of Medicine

Ten annual reports for the largest department in McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences.
Endowed Chairs
Canada Research Chairs

We developed key messages, and then determined how we would tell the story within the pages of the report. We asked the Department to invest in photography for each division, creating photos that showed key leaders actively engaged.

It was a worthwhile investment. We continue to use the photographs with cropping, tinting and graphics. ‘By the numbers’ graphics are designed each year to identify key achievements and markers within the Department.

This is a collaborative effort has produced consistent results for ten years now. The Department of Medicine Annual Report has won a prestigious Pinnacle Award from the Canadian Public Relations Society for its design, direction, and communications planning.

And though we can’t claim any credit, year after year, faculty and resident recruitment continues strongly.


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    Sara Sellers, Special Projects Coordinator

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    Jane Ann Smith

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    Lesley Young

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