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  • McMaster Children's Hospital

    Dr. Peter Dent,
    Dr. Peter Fitzgerald,
    Agnes Bonger

  • Writing

    Glen Herbert

  • Photography

    Terry Asma, Dan Banko,
    Jon Evans, Adam Gee,
    Bridget Greer, Scott Levely, Jenny Rorison, Ron Scheffler, Carole Timm, Roy Timm,
    Owen Thomas

  • Archivist

    Anne McKeage

  • Electra Communications

    Bob Edmonds,
    Michelle Edmonds

A place is more than a place. It’s also an experience.

It’s about the people who work in the place, who are passionate about medicine, research, and caring for others. It’s about the relationships between colleagues, risks taken, and discoveries made. And the patients and families who come through the doors.

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patient stories

A book celebrating the 25th Anniversary of McMaster Children’s Hospital needs to be more than a recounting of facts, the steps from concept to world-renowned hospital. People involved from the beginning were too close to the story. An outside perspective would help tell the story.

The storytelling had to be multi-faceted to recognize the contribution of many departments and services. The story also needed to be told in context with the times.

The book doesn’t need to be read in sequence. It might be read in a waiting room by parents of a sick child, so the story telling is in photos, titles and the graphics. The deeper narrative is found in the body of the text.

And in case there was any doubt how special a place McMaster Children’s Hospital really is, patient stories demonstrate this with tender photos.

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