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Can we create a top-notch website to support a top-flight workshop?

The home of “evidence-based medicine” is ready to spread the practice around the globe.

A five-day workshop introduces researchers and faculty to Evidence Based Clinical Practice and intensive training begins in principles and teaching methods.

Attendees learn Evidence-based methodologies and practices to bring back to their own university hospitals. The workshop has small and large group sessions, individual study time and for some, opportunities to lead teaching sessions.

Of course the workshop organizers are brilliant, but the support team that works tirelessly are pretty brilliant also. They’ve thought of everything to welcome participants to the workshop.

Working with the team, we created a website with extensive information about the classes, instructors and what to expect. It includes course materials for nine streams of medicine, detailed agenda for five days and testimonials.

Along with the academic information is a generous helping of tips and guidance to make the visit more enjoyable. One section includes information about travel to Canada, accommodations, facilities and schedules. Included are ideas of how to spend time outside of the workshop experiencing local flavour.

Building on each year’s success, the website continues to grow; addressing new needs to make it richer for next year’s participants.

Along with participants, small group learning sessions include:

  • Tutors
  • Tutor Trainees
  • Librarians