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18 divisional websites and 16 residence websites for the largest department in McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences. Ten annual reports too.


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The Department of Medicine at McMaster University encourages creativity and innovation.

It attracts the brightest and the best researchers, faculty and residents.

Ground-breaking research studies make international headlines. Graduates achieve great things in the field of medicine. The Medical school has ranked 6th among 15 Canadian schools in medical doctoral category for 7 years.

Logo for Renowned results in research, care and learning

The department needs a website to promote itself to continue to attract the brightest and the best. The challenge is that it is the biggest department with 17 divisions and 17 residency programs. There are so many stories to tell.

We worked with the team to develop the identifier “renowned results in research, care and learning” and that became the lens to view the Department.

Each division has its own site, and a full, separate residency site. Faculty are all profiled, including their expertise and extensive publications.

divisional websites
residency websites

A deep Research section profiles the creative endeavours underway, the awards received for ground-breaking studies, and looks at the people behind these pursuits.

The website won a Pinnacle Award for Communications from the Canadian Public Relations Society. Additionally, a real measure of its success is the continuing addition of content, from on-line problem-based learning modules to monthly Publication highlights and awards.

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