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The home of evidence-based medicine.

McMaster University’s Department of Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact (HEI) is the acknowledged birthplace of evidence-based medicine, which the British Journal of Medicine named as one of the top 15 medical discoveries since 1840.

This dynamic, ground-breaking Department (formerly known as Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics or CE&B) always wants to recruit the best researchers and staff.

The Department has a complex story to tell because it deals with epidemiology—the study of patterns in health and disease—the research groups are diverse, and the department’s expertise spans decades.

members of the Department have been awarded the Order of Canada

To simplify the message, we developed three avenues for visitors to learn about the department: research, education and faculty.

Each avenue offers information in a number of interesting ways, using building blocks of interactive charts, animating photo walls, shimmering mosaics and faculty profiles.

The site celebrates research success and encourages faculty participation in professional development events. It encourages the collegiality the department is known for, and that sparks more innovation in research.

Awards in HEI

  • Canada Research Chairs
  • Endowed Chairs
  • Career Awards
  • Royal Society of Canada
  • Order of Canada