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From a standing start to full enrollment in… how long?

McMaster University recognized a need in education, and wanted to offer a Master of Public Health Program. However, the process to introduce the idea, make the case, and have the deciding Board approve the program would take time. And this would run up against the time required to develop a marketing plan to promote the program to potential students.

Potential students had to hear about the program, imagine themselves on a new career path, investigate, decide, and make a commitment to the nascent McMaster program, not to competing programs.

days to launch a new program

With a cheeky typographic branding, [Mc]Master of Public Health, in hand, we decided that candidates first needed to understand just what public health is. Then, while the powers-that-be worked through their decision, we created the website, plus marketing and job fair display materials. With final approval on the program, we were able to hit the ground running, and launch the promotions. Our client must have felt like she was riding two horses.

reasons to choose the program
reasons why Public Health matters

The outcome? The inaugural year was blessed with an abundance of strong candidates, and future Public Health policy-makers are learning and poised to make their mark in their chosen field.

Three components to marketing Masters of Public Health

1. Website
2. Tradeshow display
3. Brochures and handouts

storytelling slideshows