The Smallest Brochure in the World


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Canadian Public Relations Society

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Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

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Hamilton Best Start

Two-sided website covers literacy, education, networks, clinics, and child development for families and professionals

Shelli and Mark Eisenberg of Delicate Touch, design and hand-craft exquisite jewelry.

They sell at the One of a Kind show and other craft shows around the province.

Shelli and Mark need to promote their brand, feature new designs, and make it easy for customers to make future purchases. Designing a brochure for them would have to take into account the environment at craft shows: wind, rain, lack of counter space.

Yes, it's made by hand

We brought first-hand experience of working craft shows and understood the physical limitations. And we brought a playful sensibility to develop a solution.

brochures fit on one sheet of paper
pieces of jewelry can be shown

The result? The smallest brochure in the world, a mere 2″ wide and 7 panels deep. By putting the brochure inside the box, the product literature can accompany the product, and four brochures can be printed for the price of one. The design lets shoppers dream of their next purchase with Shelli and Mark.

It is one gem of a brochure.