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Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

New ASCY website coordinates services for language, hearing and vision for young children

Children See, Children Learn

Health Nexus presents parents discussing alternative methods to discipline children


Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain

A bilingual site for Health Nexus. We see lots of ways to make your baby healthier... and smarter!

Have a Ball Together!

A bilingual site for Health Nexus gives tips and activities about exercise for your kids.


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Is it time for a makeover?

Sometimes when an organization has grown successfully, its public face needs an update that reflects those expanded capabilities. This was the case for Hamilton Best Start, a collaboration of services supporting families.

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This two-sided website organizes information for both parents and professionals. Parents can learn about a wide range of programs including: literacy, education, family networks, health care clinics, child development, and how to get help meeting basic needs. Professionals have access to meeting minutes, research findings, and professional development events.

By collaborating with the Best Start team and building consensus with their staff, Electra’s website building process resulted in a more accurate reflection of the new and improved Best Start Hamilton.

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Using the site’s CMS, Best Start Hamilton can keep up with the expanding range of programs and services for parents, and the expanding roster of professionals in childcare, education, health and social services.

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