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Lynwood Charlton Centre

Website with special portals for families and youth.

Ontario Prenatal Education

Bilingual website for healthcare professionals covers all aspects of prenatal health.

Ontario ACT Association

Website for mental health professionals, with forum and job support.

For Goodness Sake

Behavioral modification tool for ECEs dealing with bullying children.


  • ASCY

    Lois Saunders, Joyce Minten, Ruth Doherty, Rita Dugas

  • Electra Communications

    Michelle Edmonds, Bob Edmonds and Lynne Desjardins

Can you present three separate/distinct organizations under one banner?

Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY) coordinates three different services for very young children: language, hearing, and vision.

Creating a home page with three separate portals allows parents to find out about programs for speech and language, hearing, or blind and low vision children.

communities in Hamilton can read the site in their own language

Inside these three doorways, detailed information helps parents navigate the process of getting referrals, getting to appointments, assessments, diagnosis and treatment options. The site is sensitive to the needs of parents, some of whom may have low vision also. Research findings from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) informed the development of contrast settings and text sizes in this early AODA compliant site.

Educators and home child care providers also access information on the site about professional development, career opportunities, resource library and best practices.

In this field, best practices are constantly evolving. Using the site’s CMS, ASCY can easily keep the information here accurate, and up to date.

audiences: parents and professionals
sites in one: Early Words, Infant Hearing, Blind Low Vision