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Website with special portals for families and youth.

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Bilingual website for healthcare professionals covers all aspects of prenatal health.

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Website for mental health professionals, with forum and job support.

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Behavioral modification tool for ECEs dealing with bullying children.


  • CPRS Hamilton

    Dr. Alex Sévigny, Mark Gregory, Dustin Manley

  • Electra Communications

    Bob Edmonds, Michelle Edmonds

Can we showcase the energy of these young professionals, and help them achieve their communication goals?

Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Hamilton is a growing organization with a membership of young professionals. It also boasts a roster of experienced members, high-achievers and contributors in the community.

hours of meetings
hours of unsupervised creative work

The organization wants to recruit, keep existing members and promote the group in the Golden horseshoe area. It needs a website that works as a community hub, bringing members together, encouraging mentorship, collaboration and two-way communication.

CPRS Hamilton has 191 members

  • Board members
  • Mentors
  • Members with APR accreditation
  • General members

The website promotes professional development events, offers free counsel and guidance, offers mentorship program and profiles members actively giving to the community.

It features a whiteboard video, slideshows, current issues and highlights award winners.

The site continues to grow and serve this dynamic organization, as members use the CMS to generate new content, document social and educational activities, and keep up with their Board.