Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain


Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

New ASCY website coordinates services for language, hearing and vision for young children

Children See, Children Learn

Health Nexus presents parents discussing alternative methods to discipline children


Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain

A bilingual site for Health Nexus. We see lots of ways to make your baby healthier... and smarter!

Have a Ball Together!

A bilingual site for Health Nexus gives tips and activities about exercise for your kids.


  • Project: Health Nexus

    Health Nexus, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Longterm Care
    Health Nexus: Wendy McAllister, Louise Choquette

  • Video: MJM Media

    Laurie McCurlie and the talented people at MJM Media

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    Patricia Monger

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    Bob Edmonds

Lots to tell in only a few minutes.

How do we share information with an audience that prefers video to reading?

Can we benefit from their generous sharing tendencies to disseminate valuable information to other new parents?

This resource-rich website delivers short video clips on brain development, with guidance and practical tips from experts.

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The bite-sized segments are perfect for viewing before baby arrives, while nursing, or as a break in a busy parent’s day. The site offers a wide range of topics with additional messages and links.

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This health promotion tool encourages healthy child development, and all the content is available in both French and English.

Each section and video can be shared with a variety of social media options.

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