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Bilingual website for healthcare professionals covers all aspects of prenatal health.

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How do you ensure that expectant women and their families receive consistent, evidence-based prenatal and postpartum education and information?

Just create a resource hub with the best evidence-based information for prenatal educators and other health care providers.

Best Start Resource Centre’s Prenatal Education Key Messages for Ontario site does the heavy lifting, and provides preconception, prenatal and postpartum key messages and supporting evidence at their fingertips.

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Leading research, cited and searchable, is presented along with Key Messages for parents-to-be. Printable summary sheets of the Key Messages of each topic are available for use as handouts.

This resource-rich site allows prenatal educators and other health care providers to spend their valuable time educating women and their partners and support persons about topics from health before pregnancy, through the stages of pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding and transition to parenthood.

In fact, the volume of content proved to be an extraordinary challenge. There was so much content to work with, a custom method of production had to be developed. Twenty-five topics in both French and English were fully covered, and the custom production process allowed the project to be completed on budget.

Medical best practices are constantly being revised, and with the site’s CMS, Health Nexus can make those changes easily.

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