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For Goodness Sake

Behavioral modification tool for ECEs dealing with bullying children.


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You think the most aggressive kids are teenagers? We did too. We were wrong.

Watch out for the ones in daycare.

Research shows that the time to turn around aggressive behaviour is when children are young. So the best people to lead the effort are ECEs (Early Childhood Educators). Wait until a child becomes a teen, and police are involved, and you’ve waited too long.

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The For Goodness Sake program brings parents, caregivers, nurses and teachers together to support children’s development. It is an applied approach to behavioural intervention. In early years, children react to situations based on the skills they have. The child needs to learn new, more appropriate ways to deal with situations.

We found the research findings so compelling and the need so great, we poured hours into developing interactive ways to deal with the content. We called upon our experience and expertise to find the best ways to communicate the content. Video vignettes, illustrations, game design, interface design were all used to make this interactive CD an exemplary training support.

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