What is Health Marketing? And why do we do it?

‘Health Marketing’ is a new label for the work we’ve been doing for years.

Health Marketing: the creation, communication and delivery of health messages, information and interventions using customer-centred vehicles to promote health.

Health Marketing draws from traditional marketing theories and practices.

It integrates traditional marketing with public health research, theory, and practice. It is based on years of evidence-based research that analyze needs, values, and methods of exchange.

It contains elements of education and motivation to inform the public.

years in business

Finally! A definition for our work.

Family have asked over the years, “Why the long hours and big effort?” The answer was simple.

By doing the work we do, there’s a real possibility of helping someone, somewhere, in the best way that a creative soul can. We’ll never know for sure if we’ve made a difference, or who are the people we’ve touched.

But our hope is that we’ve brought information and tools to the people who have needed them.