Trying to Stop Smoking?

photo of the Smoking Cessation pharmacist tool

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A smoker wants to talk to the pharmacist about quitting smoking.

Then this compact flip-book is what the pharmacist needs. It’s a quick reference tool to help pharmacists in these important conversations.

A person will go through many stages as they get ready to change their behaviour. These stages were researched and incorporated into the design of this piece, one that coaches the pharmacist on the particular techniques of counseling smokers.

Canadians die every day of a smoking-related illness

Our background with patient compliance guided the design of the book. The piece has two sides to each page: one side for the patient, one side to lead the pharmacist. The book is compact and takes little space – that’s important in a pharmacy.

This little tool has the potential to help pharmacists lead smokers to an action that could literally save their life.