The Player Piano Mouse


I CAN Books

Design and layout for a group of three inspiring children's books


McMaster Children’s Hospital

Design and coordination of McMaster Children’s Hospital 25th Anniversary Book


Hilda, a Very Loyal Goat

Layout and design for this companion book to the family favourite Cole Family Christmas

Player Piano Mouse

Layout and design for a great story with super illustrations

Cole Family Christmas

Layout and design for this family Yule-time favourite


  • Writing

    Adam Dachman

  • Illustrations

    Jenniffer Julich

  • Printing

    Jenkins Group

  • Electra Communications

    Michelle Edmonds, Bob Edmonds, Lynne Desjardins

It’s indeed possible for a mouse to compose music, if you have a player piano.

Melody is a young music-loving mouse who can neatly chew holes in things. In a bistro, she watches people play pianos and in the piano factory she watches as the scrolls play pianos. A mad chase has her scrambling up a scroll, and her chewing leads to her first musical composition.

colourful illustrations

We’re after a book design that is as engaging as this story—a colourful story needs colourful pages. For a story that takes place in the Roaring 20’s, the pages need appropriate type faces and ornamentation. A glossary and a special stamp collection of important mice in history add to the book.