15 minutes a day. It all adds up. is a U.S. not-for-profit with a simple mission: facilitate parents reading to their children for 15 minutes a day.  The research was clear. Reading to children gave them multiple benefits: literacy, confidence and connection to their parents. Reading has always been a big part of our home and family life. It was easy to get behind their mission.

We began working with when the organization was in its infancy. For fund-raising, they needed to look professional quickly. Electra responded in a timely manner with experience, and long-term thinking. We created the logo (still one of our faves), stationery, a website, advertisements, e-mail newsletters, and was off and running.

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It all adds up. Reading 15 minutes a day for 5 years equals:


We later prepared marketing materials for the National Book Festival in Washington. In addition to our work, part of the promotion involved the implementation of 3D animation technology to create a real-time talking goat.

We worked closely with the to prepare Family Reading Events and the Big Box of Books.

A Big Box of Books took the shape of after-school pizza parties, arranged to help at-risk families learn to incorporate reading into their daily routine, and develop a reading culture in their home.

These parties featured activities for kids with reading sessions, and training for parents. At the end of the party, each family went home with a big box of books for each child. Reading parties were held every three months, with new themes and new books.


Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

New ASCY website coordinates services for language, hearing and vision for young children

Children See, Children Learn

Health Nexus presents parents discussing alternative methods to discipline children


Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain

A bilingual site for Health Nexus. We see lots of ways to make your baby healthier... and smarter!

Have a Ball Together!

A bilingual site for Health Nexus gives tips and activities about exercise for your kids.
percent of young children are read to daily in the US
children participated in the Big Box of Books program

For the Big Box of Books reading parties we prepared invitations, Big Box packaging, activity sheets, reading calendars, bookmarks, buttons, stickers, and whatever else was needed to help. Shipping issues were solved by sending all the design files and specifications electronically to a Kinkos in the host city.

This grass-roots project began in Michigan with low-income families. The program was carried out in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Greater Pittsburgh, and the five counties of the Grand Traverse region. Each program was hosted at an elementary school. The program reached 3,145 families, 6,232 children, and was supported by 1,330 volunteers.

families have participated in the Big Box of Books program
volunteers supported the Big Box of Books program

The reading parties paused in 2015, but continuing the effort, has garnered 11,000 Partners in 50 states. With a TV tour and Public Service Announcements, ReadAloud has delivered 175 million messages through its partners.