Pharmaceutical Care Intervention Project


Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

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Children See, Children Learn

Health Nexus presents parents discussing alternative methods to discipline children


Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain

A bilingual site for Health Nexus. We see lots of ways to make your baby healthier... and smarter!

Have a Ball Together!

A bilingual site for Health Nexus gives tips and activities about exercise for your kids.

A pharmacist works to protect patients at risk for bleeding ulcers.

And that requires monitoring medication, and intervening when necessary. Who better to monitor medication than pharmacists? The challenge is to facilitate pharmacists participating in this project.

days spent behind pharmacists' counters

Ultimately, participation in the project will enhance dialogue between patient, doctor and pharmacist. And protect vulnerable patients.

Electra brings a practical approach to packaging all the program elements together. This start-to-finish project, with logo, branding, illustrations and print design helps facilitate participation, and has possibly made a difference to Canadian families.

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