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Website with special portals for families and youth.

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Bilingual website for healthcare professionals covers all aspects of prenatal health.

Ontario ACT Association

Website for mental health professionals, with forum and job support.

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Behavioral modification tool for ECEs dealing with bullying children.


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This organization works with people severely affected by mental illness, and makes a difference in lives, families and communities.

But the organization is too busy doing the important work to tell their story, and secure funding for growth.

The Ontario Act Association is an organization of 79 healthcare teams of mental health clinicians: psychiatrist, nurses, social workers and others. Across Ontario, ACT teams work with patients severely affected by schizophrenia or bipolar type 1, offering intense medical attention and treatment. On average, this good medicine reduces their clients’ annual number of hospital days from 70 down to 27.

resource guidelines & documents, totaling 84 pages

There’s an enormous need for more ACT teams across Ontario. The website makes the case for funding additional ACT teams with a  strong narrative, and unimpeachable stats that point to huge healthcare savings. The site connects team members with a forum, where best practices can be shared, and consensus developed. And with its CMS, the OAA can make changes easily.

With plain language and storytelling techniques, the ACT story reaches out to policy makers and politicians. They need to loosen the purse strings to save us all money.

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