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Russian scientists and radical technology – this project started like a John le Carré novel.

Light Management Group specializes in the development of new control devices for optical technology. Their technology uses sound waves to focus and direct light. This is of particular interest to telecommunications, data transmission and internet technology industries.

pages of detailed information
key areas for application development

We were brought in to create a brand for this new company and develop strong, persuasive marketing materials for potential investors.

There were engineering diagrams, Russian scientists and a sales force eager to go. We created order with a logo based on light and promise, reports and packaging for Fox News Investor Interviews.

The materials we created present a stable, low-risk brand to potential investors. They provide a back story, context, an explanation of the technology in plain language, and demonstrate the potential for growth. All this to help LMG gain momentum with investors in the marketplace.

We continued to work with Light Management Group as products and applications were developed.

If you travel the Go Train and see digital signs along your commute, you’re likely watching LMG technology in action.

late nights decifering technical drawings
hours to summarize financial reports