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Affiliated Services for Children and Youth

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  • Kids Count

    Catherine Glenn

  • Electra Communications

    Bob Edmonds, Michelle Edmonds

Raising money for children’s activities requires an identity, and clear communication about intentions and outcomes.

The folks behind Kids Count approached us to help them be more effective in raising funds and promoting upcoming events for kids and families.

kids count logo

They wanted a logo that captures the fun and wonder of childhood.

Electra brings print and marketing expertise, imagination and cost-friendly production knowledge.

We developed a bright logo, a brochure that doubles as an adaptable poster for upcoming events, T-shirts for families, aprons for the community kitchen, and Kids Count had money left over for kids’ programming.

We have the deep satisfaction of contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Some of the events included performances for children, fun days, and community kitchen days for families.

Marketing materials include:

  • Poster for upcoming events
  • Brochure for funding
  • T-shirt design
  • Apron design