Demulen Relaunch


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This is a good place to start.

Demulen, safe and reliable – so good that doctors keep it as a backup, an ace up their sleeves. Patients having side effects or problems with a ‘new’ birth control pill? Try Demulen.

days of birth control pills each month

Updating the packaging and blister pack interface is also the right time to send a new message to prescribing doctors. Maybe Demulen is a good place to start.

Electra reviewed research on patience compliance to inform decisions on product dispenser and packaging.

We worked with the product manager and team to develop new advertising and guide it through the approval process by the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB).

Packaging and advertising were approved in English and French.

An interesting side note

The client company was notable for having developed the first birth control pill in 1960, the laxative Metamucil, the artificial sweetener NutraSweet, and misoprostol, part of the contraceptive RU-486.