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When an organization changes its public face, it’s time to change the online face too.

The Carnegie Gallery is a community hub for the arts and crafts community in Hamilton, with a mandate to focus on and promote serious artists and craftspeople. The Carnegie was readying itself to undergo a huge renovation, restoration and addition to the building.

the building opens
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With the public face changing, it was time to change the online presence as well. The challenge? The Carnegie is an artis-run cooperative, so the website was to be maintained by volunteers.

We needed to create a bulletproof website factory, one that could expand easily as artists’ portfolios and exhibition listings were added. And everything added with the CMS had to work within the established design. We worked with the team to design the architecture of the site, the look and feel, the necessary graphic components, and then set to work to create the framework. With training, the Carnegie volunteers began to fill in the pages we had created.

The result? A dynamic site that can keep up with this growing organization. The Exhibits and Upcoming Shows section is always up to date with photos and invitations. A full Artist Profiles section continues to grow. Community Events (lectures, concerts, bus tours) are posted and easy to navigate.

And the design of the site lets the Carnegie Gallery shine.

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